Wednesday, 23 February 2011

back to hong kong

this will be my last week working in China, it's been about 5 months and im still not sure what my position here should be called.. clerk i guess.

starting March 1st i will be working for TBWA//Tequila in Hong Kong, an advertising company. i'll be starting off as an intern for 3 months to get to grips with the industry and hopefully after that i can start full-time. in advertising there's plenty of work to do, be it creativity, digital, marketing, and some other stuff. as an intern i'll be checking out accounts, creative, and production, all of which sound like something i can do. look forward to future posts where i'll share my experiences as an advertising industry intern :)

though iv made plenty of complaints about my life in China these past few months, im grateful to my uncle for taking me in and giving me an insight to work life around here. it's a shame all the shoe vocabulary i learned isn't gonna be much use anywhere else haha...

Monday, 14 February 2011

my strange shitty dreams

one day i had a slight stomach ache, but it was already pretty late into the night and i was snug in bed, so i didnt bother going to the toilet. later that night i had a bothersome dream.. i needed to poo but i could not find a toilet.. when i did find a toilet it was either extremely dirty, under maintenance, or out of tissues. i think this is my body subconsciously telling me not to shit, cause if i did i dont think i'd be very happy when i would wake up.

conversely though, when i need to pee during sleep i go nonstop. not only that but the urge to pee never fades. id pee, then leave the bathroom, then need to pee again, and it would cycle until i eventually woke up. fortunately when i do wake up im not soaked in piss.

another recurring attribute in my dreams is that i cant seem to run properly. whenever i make an attempt to run i start out in an amazing sprint, then almost immediately my legs become heavy and i have to drag myself along.. its extremely irritating since most of the time im running its for good reason, and not being able to run when required really sucks.

the most interesting arousal iv had is when im in the middle of an action. for instance, once i dreamt i was falling, mid fall i woke up and bounced off my bed. another time i was playing basketball in my dream. i was in the middle of reaching out to intercept a pass and i woke up and shot my arm out. lol

to finish off heres some interesting rumors/facts (i dunno) about dreams: apparently light switches dont work in your dreams. also, everytime you look at a clock it shows a different time. these signs let you know when you are in a dream. if you know youre in a dream then you essentially have control over what you can do. i'll bet it would make for one hell of a dream.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

happy new year

my first blog of 2011, both lunar and gregorian calendars. so whats new this year? not much advancement in the plot of my life, until NOW!

for the past few weeks or so ive been in contact with my uncle in shanghai who works in advertising. he hooked me up with TBWA, a massive advertising agency with an office in hong kong. earlier this week i had my first interview, it was... average. while waiting around i had thought of so many good lines, so many interesting questions. then when the time came to say them, they magically slipped from my mind. whats more is i thought of even more good things to say after i already left. well no point in dwelling, i'll just have to take it as a lesson learned.

though im only being considered as an intern right now, i see it differently. im not like the usual intern that comes and goes over summer break. i'll take the time to learn the industry, then once the program is done i hope to stick around and apply full time employment with them.

if all goes well then i finally get to work in hong kong. FINALLY. if not, then... i still have my university applications to look forward to. maybe i'll end up being accepted by both and i can work full time while studying part time. it would be a pretty hectic schedule to keep up, but its what i need to do to make up for all the lost time wasted through previous ignorence and laziness.


edit: i realize that im moving away from interesting blog posts to stories of my life. i'll write something less about me and more about whatever else is interesting in the next post. PROMISE.