Friday, 28 March 2014


the other day someone said i was a really good liar, and good at making excuses. some people say Libras overall are good liars, and i can see that. successfully lying is all about reading the other party, by doing so you'll know what kind of lie will work, and what wont. is the person vulnerable to a lie, or is he not. and most important, whether the lie is even necessary. in my opinion, no one is better at reading a character than a Libra, which makes them excellent liars.

i wont deny, i am i good liar, but that doesnt really mean i lie all the time now does it. it got me thinking about the whole ethicality of lying, when is it okay for one to lie and when is it not.

some people lie for their own gain: "yes im rich, let's have sex and i'll share my wealth with you"
some people lie cause they dont wanna get in trouble: "no i didnt eat your last cookie, maybe the dog did it"
some people lie just to spite others: "yea dont talk to him, he has AIDS"
then there's the white lie to avoid conflict and hurting others: “you look great in that dress!”

not gonna say im a saint that never lies, but i do take a lot more considerations before making one. my motto around lying- "no harm, no foul". and remember, a joke is not a lie, a joke is a joke. if you cant tell the difference then you better learn or people are gonna think you have no sense of humor and stop hanging out with you.

have a look at a very simplified flow chart of considerations when urged to lie, it might help in understanding a bit better (does not apply to people who lie just for the hell of it).

seems like a lot to consider, especially if youre on the spot and need to lie quickly or you'll get caught. part of being a good liar is instinctively knowing these steps and making a quick decision, or playing out a conversation beforehand and planning out an appropriate lie.

well to sum up, guess what im trying to say is, just cause im a good liar, doesnt mean i lie all the time... or is that a lie? HMMMM???