Tuesday, 14 August 2012

"you have been cured of emo"

so i just read my last blog about being emo. those were some shitty days, glad that month is over.

things are better now:
1) iv moved on from the break up.
2) my team at work has expanded, so less work load for me.
3) im starting to work on Nike and Converse, which are some big opportunities, and look great on my record.
4) annual trip is coming up in a month, going to Seoul baby!
5) some awesome new games iv been waiting for a long while release today- aww yeaa!

so what else is new. o ya. my ex is now the account director of my team. seeing that im the account executive of my team, that means i now report to her. i think now is an appropriate time for a cliff hanger (cause im getting tired). ciao!