Tuesday, 27 September 2011

with great expectations, comes great disappointment.

a little spin on the almighty spiderman quote, just to relate more to how things are going right now for me. i tend to have high expectations in all the wrong times.

i got a call from my old workplace with a possible opportunity for a new contract. this was about a month ago and things have not progressed much. they made it sound like i would be a great help and they really needed me back, made me feel really good about myself and somewhat confident id get the contract. turns out im not that valuable to them after all, or theyre just too stingy to hire me full-time. this is life, big time agencies dont have time or resources to care about people like me. regardless, i was still pretty fucking disappointed.

so now i continue to wait while applying other jobs and working on my freelance projects.

as a side note, my right wrist has been sore for the past few weeks and its only been regressing in condition. so much for healing on its own. now its at a point where using the mouse is really uncomfortable, which isnt very convenient considering a large portion of my work is done with the mouse. oh well... TO THE HOSPITAL!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Update On Me

To start things off, i am currently a freelance web designer. I find clients through friends and ads who need some kind of digital design done. I started pretty much as soon as my contract with TBWA ended. So last week my friend told me that as a freelancer i should make a blog on the work ive done, then i realized i already have a blog rotting away in the back of the internet, so here i am, updating away.

In my time as a freelancer ive worked with Handsome Bag Co to help revamp their webpage, it was a fairoy short contract seeing as i wasnt involved in any back end work. Either way it was still enjoyable. Right now im helping a friend at ETON upgrade the company webpage to integrate Flash interaction. Unfortunately my laptop has stopped working so that contract has been frozen for now..

Aside from the more serious clientele work, i do small favors on the side, like making logos for friends and such things. Whether or not i post any of the work ive done here, i'll think about it later. Im quite tired from typing on my phone so i'll end my post for today here.