Tuesday, 14 August 2012

"you have been cured of emo"

so i just read my last blog about being emo. those were some shitty days, glad that month is over.

things are better now:
1) iv moved on from the break up.
2) my team at work has expanded, so less work load for me.
3) im starting to work on Nike and Converse, which are some big opportunities, and look great on my record.
4) annual trip is coming up in a month, going to Seoul baby!
5) some awesome new games iv been waiting for a long while release today- aww yeaa!

so what else is new. o ya. my ex is now the account director of my team. seeing that im the account executive of my team, that means i now report to her. i think now is an appropriate time for a cliff hanger (cause im getting tired). ciao!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

ready for an emo post?

cause this is gonna be an emo post.

me and gf are on a break, just a 1 month break. but really, it's gonna be a break up... why even wait. just drags the shit out. fuck. for the first time ever, i'v felt the other end of the relationship break up stick.
relationship 1: we saw it coming, made the distance, mutual break up, by the end i was pretty indifferent.
relationship 2: i brought it down. so yea.
now relationship 3: suckage. i feel like shit.

and what makes matters worse is that there's nothing i can do. there's the age gap, the difference in career position, life and future plans. there was so much against us that it only makes sense to have a break. but just cause it's understandable, doesn't mean i have to like it. matter of fact, i hate it. this fucking sucks.

not to mention, work is fucking hectic as hell. this monday to friday i slept just about 16 hours, and spent the rest at the office. and i still got shit to do at work tomorrow (and let me remind you, tomorrow is sunday) i fucking hate working on sundays, and saturdays (which i did today). i'm really starting to hate my job.

i just wanna sleep off the rest of the month, wake me when its June. fuck.

Monday, 23 April 2012

the things i learned

so what have i learned these few months in Shanghai? PLENTY! in fact there's so much shit that after a little more consideration, i'm not even gonna bother to blog about it. way too much typing.

well, so much for that blog.

Monday, 16 April 2012

the last 6 months

hi guys, haven't had a chance to share my Shanghai experiences with most of my friends so here's a quick breakdown! one day i'll find one of the more interesting topics and share a deeper post around it, save that for another time.

1) moved to Shanghai to stay with uncle and find a job.
2) partied like a mofo.
3) found a job with digital ad agency Razorfish.
4) started dating a Shanghainese girl.

1) still partying like a mofo, still dating the same girl, and still in the same job.
2) getting more stuff to do at work, still fairly fresh and junior.

1) christmas break in Hong Kong.
2) chatted with my boss, after new year gonna be a new man.
3) regardless of trying to improve in work, still partying lol.

1) work is picking up. i'm getting better, but OTing like a madman.
2) starting to lose it with my gf.
3) doesn't stop me from drinking, matter of fact i start drinking more around this time of year.

1) relationship with gf ended.
2) another relationship started. yes i moved on swiftly. yes i'm a horrible person. boohoo.
3) work picking up even more.

1) some internal movement led to even more work being handed to me. good opportunity to get more responsibility and learn more. sadly also means even more OT.
2) finally starting to calm down and party less, but still enjoy the occasional drink.

1) holy fuck it's already April.
2) will be going to Hong Kong for the weekend of 28th.