Sunday, 13 May 2012

ready for an emo post?

cause this is gonna be an emo post.

me and gf are on a break, just a 1 month break. but really, it's gonna be a break up... why even wait. just drags the shit out. fuck. for the first time ever, i'v felt the other end of the relationship break up stick.
relationship 1: we saw it coming, made the distance, mutual break up, by the end i was pretty indifferent.
relationship 2: i brought it down. so yea.
now relationship 3: suckage. i feel like shit.

and what makes matters worse is that there's nothing i can do. there's the age gap, the difference in career position, life and future plans. there was so much against us that it only makes sense to have a break. but just cause it's understandable, doesn't mean i have to like it. matter of fact, i hate it. this fucking sucks.

not to mention, work is fucking hectic as hell. this monday to friday i slept just about 16 hours, and spent the rest at the office. and i still got shit to do at work tomorrow (and let me remind you, tomorrow is sunday) i fucking hate working on sundays, and saturdays (which i did today). i'm really starting to hate my job.

i just wanna sleep off the rest of the month, wake me when its June. fuck.