Wednesday, 23 June 2010

personal trainers from hell

went to the gym alone today (whereas i normally would go with a friend). and yet again i was ruthlessly attacked by personal trainers working at california gym. i must say im growing tired of their stubbornness.

iv been to the gym by myself a few times now, and EVERY time iv been approached by a different PT on each attempt to make me subscribe to a program. somehow every PT manages to notice something about me thats potentially dangerous and could leave my body permanently damaged if not fixed asap, or so they say. first it was my back, then my shoulders, then my arms, then my legs (each one being unbalanced or something..) wow i must have pretty unstable body proportions..

so there they are, the wolves in sheeps clothing, approaching me with the "its not about the money, my main concern is your own safety!" bullshit. sure health and safety is definitely important in gym, but "its not about the money"... really? yea so it doesnt really matter that it costs $1500 for a measly 3 hours (which apparently isnt enough to learn anything productive, so the minimum time recommended with a PT is 6 hours). if they find that im just saying nothx to everything then they even bring in backup and soon i end up surrounded by 3 PTs. ffs...

dont get me wrong, im sure theyre nice people, and probably not all of them are so stubborn in trying to eat my money. imo though, the majority of them are probably spawns of satan. damn them!

--- edit: well iv noticed that my blog has started turning into me rambling about random shit in my life that probably no one cares about, and its probably pretty boring to read. next time i'll blog something more interesting.. I PROMISE!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

morning shift

hows work? iv learned just about everything i need to know for my position (assistant barista), i can pretty much make any drink on the menu now. starting to get used to it i guess. waking up is still tiring, standing around is still boring, but im complaining less about it now. until today that is.

iv started working morning shifts and have to continue to do so for i dont know how much longer (hopefully not long). my day starts at 5:30am waking up to my alarm and continually snoozing it for a further 30 minutes until finally getting out of bed at 6. i leave after 20 minutes and eat a bun from 7/11 on the way to work. well thats what i would normally do however... shock! 7/11 isnt open that early in the morning. what the hell, and i thought it was open 24/7.. so this morning i had no breakfast (i'll be better prepared tomorrow morning.. damn your lies 7/11!)

starting earlier means finishing earlier, so thinking of it that way its not all bad i suppose. the difference now is i arrive at the shop before opening time, so i have to help set up shop. and no 7/11 buns either :<

during lunch i took some photos on my phone of where i like to lounge about for an hour. i was going to post some pictures (wow pictures!) but this post is getting a bit long so maybe i'll post them tomorrow. for now its still a strictly words only blog. too bad :)

--- edit: the photos were uploaded to my facebook so i probably wont upload them again here. too bad again :)

Monday, 14 June 2010

after a week of work

tiring, exhausting, tedious, but at least im still learning something, and more importantly im getting paid (some people appreciate experience more, but i prefer money thanks lol). so yea, its pretty hectic work. fairly simple job, easy to do tasks and whatnot, but its just.. so.. much.. its like math homework, you know the formula, you know how to do it all, but there are so many questions to do..

part of the reason im so tired after work everyday is thanks to my extremely uncomfortable shoes. its tiring enough having to stand around for 10 hours without having wooden planks for soles. well at least today i got a new pair of shoes, pretty expensive, but damned comfortable. hopefully this week wont leave my feet dead.

so what exactly am i doing? im doing "FOH" work, lobbying, whatever (FOH being front of house). i walk around clearing and cleaning tables, tending to customers, and occasionally taking out the trash. thats not even half the responsibilities of a normal barista. iv yet to learn anything behind the counter, for instance actually making the coffee. that starts this week.. hai...

funny thing, after constantly greeting customers coming in and out of the shop, iv developed a strange habit. when i see a customer come in i greet them with a polite nod saying "hello, good morning/afternoon/evening!" and of course smiling all the while. now i find myself doing the same to anyone who makes eye contact with me, regardless of the fact im no longer on duty. its becoming a subconcious action. hahahahai..... im tired.

time for bed.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

boring update post

found out yesterday my job as a barista had been confirmed, i'll be working in a shop located in wan chai, where exactly i dont know. tomorrow will be my 2nd interview session where i'll be given more details. the tuesday after is my PCC orientation, who knows what i'll learn or who i'll meet (blog on that later).

other than that, nothing else i want to blog about, kinda boring.. on a side note, word of advice to all my readers. if you dont like having blisters on your feet, dont play basketball (or any other sport for that matter) wearing sandals. stupid thing to do.. gah my feet hurt

Thursday, 3 June 2010

present plan

thus far this is what i intend to do with my life for the next few months, perhaps years.

firstly i will get a job, any job. obviously i'll make an effort to apply a job that can offer good experience and of course a good salary, but i know with a weak work background like mine that it would be difficult. so iv set my standards lower and will work any paying job, like working in a coffee shop for instance.

what i want is to earn money at a reasonable pace so i can start a career in teaching english asap. TESOL is a well known course in hong kong that i intend to apply once i have enough money for the course. there are separate paths i can take to seek a teaching career, such as part time tutoring or applying to some jobs which dont require a certificate, but i think completing the course and getting a proper teaching certificate can ensure a definite career path in teaching. so thats what i'll be going for.

why teaching? through my teens iv always wondered what it would be like to teach, how would students react to a teacher with my personality (iv always imagined myself to be an awesome teacher and all my students would love me. hell yea). i think id also enjoy bossing around kids and having a superior position for once haha. not to mention most english teaching jobs have pretty decent pay.

add oil mike woohoo!