Wednesday, 17 November 2010


in case youre wondering, the title is an onomatopoeia i made for farting. why you ask? because i feel like blogging about flatulence.

im sure many people know of the saying, "beans, beans, theyre good for your heart. the more you eat the more your fart." and so on, iv forgotten the last 2 lines. anyways, iv been curious about the legitimacy of this for quite some time now. do beans really make you fart? are they really good for your heart? or is it that beans are only good because they make you fart? lets find out!

after some quick browsing i found that beans do make you fart, as do many other consumables.. but beans a considerable amount more. long story short, beans have stuff (mostly sugars) that cant be fully ingested while in the small intestine, so most of it makes its way into the large intestine. this is where the majority of your bacteria hang out and to eat your left overs. the bacteria then breaks it down to a few gases (carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and METHANE) which continues down your digestive system and out your rectum. brrbrphhfftttttttsss. id also like to quickly add, eating with you mouth open causes you to ingest some air as well, which makes you fart more, not to mention its also a disgusting habit.

moving on! we've deduced that beans do make you fart, now are they good for your heart? why yes they are! they have protein, vitamin B, and all other kinds of goodies depending on what kind of bean you eat. im not gonna expand much about their nutrients cause its not that interesting.

now then, obviously by farting you are releasing waste, bacteria, whatever substance you dont need in our body. so in that sense, farting is indeed healthy. but how about the affects on your heart? summarizing a big long article i read, farts have a positive affect on your heart! hydrogen sulfide is the major cuplrit for smelly farts. this gas is somehow relevant to controlling your blood pressure and by releasing it your blood pressure is lowered. i wont go into details, because i dont know the details. so there you go.

in conclusion, everything about the saying is true. beans are good for you heart, they also tend to make you fart, and farting can also lead to a healthy heart!

and yes women do fart, theyre just more reluctant in doing so than men because its unsexy.

todays post was a bit long but i hope you enjoyed it!