Thursday, 24 November 2011

working mindset

so. this week i fucked up at work and i got the shit kicked out of me by my superior. he didnt really yell, or beat me, he was just stern and disappointed. after hearing what he said to me, i felt like a retard.

so i moped a bit, and he could tell i was moping, so he said "dont just fucking mope, dont tell me you'll fix it, just do it." by no means am i complaining about my boss. i deserved a verbal beating. sadly im the type that learns through mistakes. at the very least i know i wont fuck up again.

to be honest i think i take criticism quite well, but it still makes me a little sad :<

so apparently im not in the working mans mindset yet, im still an adolescent. im not exactly young, im just new to being employed in a real fucking job. interns are allowed to fuck up, theyre just kids, but im not a fucking intern anymore. my life thus far has been too pampered, i need to set my priorities straight... i have this job and now i need to make an effort to keep it. sorry gf, you gonna have to come second in my life. a close second... lol

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

shanghai vs hongkong: the not so obvious differences

FIRST OF ALL, a quick summary of what iv been up to in shanghai :)
worked at ZIXAG as a temp salesperson for a few days. that was fun.
started day 1 at Razorfish yesterday, it is now the end of day 2.

back to the main topic. again this is just my personal opinion. dont hate.

like many other cities, there is a large gap between the rich and the poor, which side is the majority i am not too sure. but the point is that it leads to a very uneven living for middle people like me who are used to the high (yet common) standard of services in HK and stuck with the shitty standards of Shanghai. of course there is a nice place for every shithole in Shanghai, but the middle ground is too unstable :<

cleanliness i dont really have to talk about.
HK = hygienic, Shanghai = dirty
HK = polluted = Shanghai
HK = Shanghai? hygienic = dirty? nevermind..

most people would think that Shanghai (or Mainland China in general) has more assholes than HK. this is true in the sense that China has more of everything than HK cause HK is fucking tiny compared to it. nevermind. lets talk in terms of ratio, between assholes and non-assholes. in Shanghai there are lots of people who dont give a shit about others, but there are JUST AS MANY in HK. the only difference is HK has regulation and Shanghai does not. if not for the strict standards of HK regulation and whatnot, the true nature of HKers will come out and people will realize HK people arent really that much nicer.

last but definitely not least, lets talk about the honeys. the stereotypes are basically the same in both places. golddiggers, materialistic, brandwhores, etc. again, just stereotypes. though it is kinda true (LOL). the majority of Shanghai girls that guys meet are girls they meet at trashy clubs. obviously youre not gonna meet the nicest girls there.. thus a dirty stereotype is formed. my point being, stereotypes are stereotypes. in these few days iv met plenty of nice shanghai girls who arent totally into me just cause im from HK (and cause HK people are rich duh), then again i am dashingly good looking so most guys cant really relate to me. AHEM. yes. lets end on that note.