Monday, 21 March 2011

gist of what im doing now with TBWA

so i been having a lot of late nights at work these past few days.

somewhere along the line of production there is bound to be some hiccup that delays the process. in the end the most pressure is on the end of the production line, where final quality checks are made between production, account execs, and the client. so it was pretty tough for me, but we pulled through! what im doing is im pretty much making digital ads, the ones that appear on the internet. i do some other stuff as well, like making layouts and a little bit of creative work.

cant wait to start full time, get some real salary. internship rates suck, i dont blame them for being stingy, everyones gotta make a living. but damn, im barely breaking even right now. fuck. well at least im getting a good glimpse of whats going on. about 2 more months to go, who knows, maybe i can shorten the trial period and get in on the real deal sooner. fingers crossed...