Tuesday, 24 September 2013

horoscope: Libra

people in China are crazy about horoscopes, asking your horoscope is one of the first questions when meeting a new friend.

personally i think knowing and talking about horoscopes is fun and charming. they have a phantasmal feel and are just high level enough to maybe even be true. being in China has only bolstered my interest. so let’s talk about my horoscope, the ever popular Libra.

typical traits: intelligent, charming (indeed), easy going. but really they all come down to the same thing, fairness and understanding of others. let's talk about these traits one by one!

intelligent: not in the sense that i am the most academically smart person, but i know how to read people, i can understand them (at least more so than the average person). through this i can understand this person’s personality and needs, and cater to them specifically. this way i can tailor my conversation to give off an impression of intelligence. just rinse and repeat the same process with different people, and they will all think i'm smart, albeit in a fake kind of way.

charming: similar to how my “intelligence” works, understanding of a person can be used to charm a person. you know what they want, you know what they like, all you need to do is deliver. also being “fair” can be translated into having a sense of justice, which is very charismatic in men.

easy going: this one’s got more negativity to it, Libras are sometimes seen as being idealistic, that everyone in the world is fair. if that were the case then every problem would be easy to solve, allowing Libras to feel like "what's the big deal". but sadly the world is not a perfect place and some people don’t care for your problems.

anyway I forget the point of this post, or if i even had one to begin with. i think i just wanted to talk about something interesting and talk about myself at the same time, so there you have it.

Monday, 9 September 2013

welcome back mike

it's been a while, a lot has happened, so let's get right to it!
so my last blog was in August 2012, let me share what's happened since then.
  • i did eventually get back with the gf who had broken up with me back then (we got back together last year around september, after annual trip to Korea). we're still dating now, but dis shit still be complicated.
  • i'm still at razorfish, though i have been promoted to SENIOR account executive, and am looking to be account MANAGER by october.
  • i moved apartment twice since then. no longer living with my uncle, got a neat single apartment to myself now.
  • met tons of new people, some of which are now awesome friends.
that's the gist of it. doesnt seem like much, four bullet points to summarize the past year, but its definitely made an impact on my experience in Shanghai.

now that we all know how iv been, for my next blog i will talk about a better topic for you all the look forward to. a heated debate about something very interesting to read about. until then, au revoir.