Wednesday, 13 May 2015

review: lunch break at SOHO Exchange, Shanghai

was recently inspired to write a new blog post. with hopes to make it more useful have decided to create a review post. unfortunately i havent seen any new movies or played any new games lately, so i'll be doing a review of my lunch experience today.

1) Leave Office
not much to say as i was distracted by my phone, didnt really notice any of my surroundings. 低头 to the max. did however manage to feel the warmth from the sunlight. overall pleasant experience.

2) Walk Around 久光
usually crowded especially during lunch hour so i dont recommend 低头ing while indoors. typical person walking in Shanghai either 1) doesnt watch where theyre walking or 2) walk wherever they want. in both cases they dont care where YOU are walking, so you will need your awareness with you otherwise you'll unpleasantly bump into someone.

3) Food (Taiwan Bazaar 台湾集市)
a little booth in the basement floor of 久光, ¥24 for a 卤肉饭套餐, set meal of braised pork rice with a pork/radish soup loaded with 2 pork balls + ¥10 for some 盐酥鸡 salt fried chicken. decent cost for good food. considering there's no legit Taiwanese food in Shanghai it actually tastes as close as it gets. limited seating, set up kind of like the corner of a bar table and bar stools. not the most comfortable but most people who are there just eat and leave, not the best place to hang around after youre done.

4) Return To Office
walking back i took another path around Jingan Kerry Center. more grass and green in this path bundled again with the soothing sunlight feels pretty good. unfortunately along this path there is an Abercombie & Fitch store with its usual pungent smell of six-packs and junior sex.

probably the most useless and irrelevant review to anyone but at least i managed to use up a few minutes of my otherwise doing fuck all time. cause thats all that matters right, me wasting time, cause honestly who the fuck is gonna read this shit. okay. PEACE OUT